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Hey Y'all

My name is Savannah Pinnix

I'm a small town girl from Whitsett, North Carolina and a few years ago I got bold and moved to the slightly bigger town of Gibsonville, which is the neighboring town. I married my high-school sweetheart and we just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! We have two beautiful daughters who are absolutely incredible! I have a huge love for animals so if you have pets or you're an animal lover yourself, I want to hear all about it!​ I am passionate about many things. My passion for art lead me to a degree in Graphic Design and to my dream job at Simply Southern, an apparel and accessories company. My passion for helping people lead to my web design, photography and graphic design business. I really enjoy creating beautiful websites from personal businesses to large companies! I always want to explore different subjects and genres. I am always willing to try new things, so if you don't see your category in my portfolios, then let's start a new one! I want to be able to help others capture memories that will last a lifetime. I want people to see my work and remember the laughs and yes, sometimes tears that were made throughout our photoshoots together.

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